Tipping Movers: What You Need to Know Before Moving Day

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Embarking on a new journey to a different location can be thrilling yet daunting. One significant consideration that often needs clarification is the protocol around tipping movers. Rightly so, as this forms part of your overall moving costs

Our comprehensive guide aims to dispel the fog surrounding this often-overlooked aspect of moving. We will delve into essential points such as when, why, and how much you should tip your movers. This guide provides practical pointers to help you budget appropriately for your relocation, ensuring you cover all moving costs adequately and fairly.

When and How Much to Tip Movers

Moving day is here! You are all ready and packed. Your boxes are labeled, and you've hired a professional moving team to help you move to your new home.

You may wonder if it is okay to tip your movers if they make your life easier by relocating you comfortably. They may have handled fragile dishes, lifted heavy entertainment centers, and ensured your big-screen TV survived the move.

Do you tip movers for a job well done? Absolutely. Tipping is not mandatory during a move, but it can be appreciated if a moving company makes the process less stressful.

What Is the Standard Tip for Movers?

Tipping is common in restaurants and hair salons. People who dine out regularly or have their hair done often follow a tipping rule. They give their servers 15 to 20% of the bill.

Most people don't move as often as they order food at a restaurant or get a new haircut. You may need to learn how much or if you should tip your movers because it is a rare event.

It's your decision how much to tip, as it is not compulsory. You can tip your moving company a flat fee or a percentage.

The general rule is to tip anywhere between $5 and $10 per hour for each mover, or 5 to 10% of the cost of your move. If you plan to spend $1,000 for your move, you can tip $50-$100 and distribute it equally among the team helping you.

What Moving Costs Factors Should I Consider When Deciding How Much to Tip My Movers?

The tipping of movers can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Your organization before their arrival. Your movers will be grateful if you label and sort all of your boxes for them. You should give them an extra tip if you have unlabeled boxes, and they take extra time to work with you for them to get placed in the correct rooms. Need some help organizing your move? 
  • Weather conditions. Moving in extreme heat, rain, or ice is not a pleasant experience. You should tip your movers if they do an excellent job in these difficult conditions.
  • Suppose they will pack your items. Some moving companies offer packing services in addition to their standard moving services. Remember to tip your packers, who will ensure that your LEGO Millennium Falcon and collectible coffee cups arrive safely.
  • How many hours are they working with you on-site? A 3-bedroom house move could take anywhere between 7 and 10 hrs. Was your move longer than expected? Your movers are still at the site when they expect to be home mid-afternoon. You are not required to tip if the delay in the move is due to the movers moving slowly; you may want to tip them if they are working harder than expected and putting in longer hours.
  • They can move items up/down stairs. A sectional couch needs to be moved up and down the stairs. Your movers will save you hours by making multiple trips up or down the stairs. Consider tipping more to compensate for the time and effort spent with those stairs.
  • How many large items will be included in your move? Zillow says the average 1,000-square-foot apartment contains more than 5,000 pounds of furniture. It's a heavy lift! Moving two antique china cupboards, a dozen books boxes, and a piano is a lot to lift! Consider how much time and effort you would save by moving and putting those heavy items in your place.

You can also tip movers for intangibles, such as if they are especially friendly and kind to your family or do something special to ease the move on your children.

What Should I Tip My Movers Based on the Size of My Home/Length of the Move?

The tips you give to your movers may vary depending on what type of move it is. A local move is much cheaper and easier than a long-distance one.

You should tip more if you have a large or multiple-story home. This is because the movers must cover more distance and climb more stairs. In this case, it may be a good idea to tip a certain percentage of the move's total cost.

You're likely to spend more money on a cross-country move. Tipping a percentage can quickly become expensive. Tipping the drivers and movers flatly in this situation might be more sensible. Consult your moving company about how many people are involved in the moving process. Plan accordingly.

When Should I Tip the Movers?

The type of move that you have requested will determine how much you tip.

Tipping When Moving Cross-Country

When moving across the country, the people who pack your belongings may differ from those driving your goods to your new house. You may have a completely different crew unloading your goods at your new home.

It may be more sensible to tip each team handling your items a certain amount than to tip the last crew.

Tipping on an In-Town Move

You can tip your local mover at any point during the process. Some people prefer to tip at the end of the workday to make sure the job is done to their satisfaction. Others tip early in the morning to give themselves an extra boost.

Some people choose to give non-cash gifts to lift the spirits of others. For example, offering water or sports drinks and meals or snacks will keep everyone going – literally!

They'll bring special treats for their clients to get the day started on a good note.

Can I Tip Movers Using a Credit Card?

What should you do if you are happy with the movers you hired and want to tip them but have no cash in your wallet? You may wonder if you can tip your movers using a credit card. People are increasingly less likely to carry cash and prefer to use credit cards.

You can ask the local office of a moving company for more information about their policies regarding credit cards. For example, you could tip your movers by asking the moving company to pay separately. You can document your tip using your Visa credit card if your move is paid for through corporate relocation expenses or if you want to claim it as a company expense.

A great moving team will make the relocation process easier and less stressful. If you're moving with a great team, they will appreciate any gesture of gratitude you make.

You can reward exceptional movers by having snacks available and providing cash tips. If your move provides excellent service, you compliment them by recommending them to friends and family. Share our free estimate with them to help them start their move on the right track.


Tipping is customary to show appreciation for professional movers' hard work and excellent service. But it doesn't stop at simply knowing that you should tip; understanding the proper etiquette can save you from the uncomfortable guesswork when a moving day comes.

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