Pros and Cons: Moving Furniture vs Buying New After Relocation

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Are you planning a move and torn between taking your current furniture with you or opting for a complete redesign in your new location? This can be a challenging decision as the comfort of the familiar must be weighed against the thrill of a fresh start. Many of us need help knowing whether it's astute to save on moving costs and purchase upscale new furniture instead. 

Equally important is the environmental impact of buying new furniture, while the idea of hiring local movers to carry the old can often seem less hassle. This article will examine the pros and cons of moving furniture versus buying new after a relocation. We'll consider factors like cost, convenience, the expertise of local movers, and the environmental effect. 

So, let's begin, as your big move could depend on this decision.

Should You Move Your Furniture or Buy New Ones After the Move?

What to do with your furniture is a critical question when moving out.

Take all or some of your. Are you taking your heavy furniture or buying new items when you move?

What will you do with the furniture you won't be moving? What about giving them away? Sell them? Leave them alone?

Is it more cost-effective to buy new furniture or move my old ones? It is a difficult question, but you should answer it early in preparation. That means before you start packing up your home.

It's important to realize that the best option for you and your furnishings depends on key factors. Making the right choice may be simple or difficult, depending on your house-moving circumstances.

Here's some information to help you decide whether to move your furniture or purchase new ones after a move.

Do You Need Local Movers to Move Your Furniture?

When you are moving out, deciding what to do about a piece of furniture is sometimes difficult. In an ideal situation, you would take NO furniture with you. This will save you the hassle of moving furniture long distance or locally.

You can save money by not moving any furniture.

  • Money. Money is spent on moving furniture due to packing and transportation expenses. You may also need to hire professionals to disassemble furniture before moving and to reassemble it afterward.
  • Time. The time you save by not having to move your furniture (initial assessments, disassembly, protection, lifting, carrying, and loading all take time) can be used to do other important tasks, such as saying goodbye to friends.
  • Less Stress. Your house move will be easier and less stressful if you don't have to worry about heavy and large furniture. You will be less stressed due to the weight being lifted off your shoulders. Having no furniture to move will be less stressful for your nervous system.

Even though you may be able to afford not to move any furniture when moving house, it's not always possible. You can bring some furniture with you. This could be your favorite couch or an antique dresser in the family that has been passed down through generations.

Should I Buy New Furniture or Move My Old One?

You want to use your money wisely by moving furniture with good reason.

It's important to evaluate each piece of furniture individually before deciding whether to buy new furniture after moving or to relocate it. You can use the criteria below to make a final decision you will not regret after the move.

  • Practical value. Consider the practicality and utility of each piece of furniture you own. It would help if you considered not only the aesthetics of the furniture but also its functionality and practicality. These are the qualities that will serve you in your new home.
  • Monetary value.  What was the original price of the furniture? Was it new or used? Is it a superior piece of furniture, expensive, and made with high-quality materials? A reputable and well-known furniture manufacturer made it. Is it a piece of furniture ready to assemble and relatively inexpensive?
  • Sentimental value. Your final decision will be influenced by whether or not you have sentimental Value in a piece of furniture. You will not want to give up a piece of furniture that is an heirloom or an antique item so valuable it's almost priceless. You may also associate a piece of furniture with a fond memory, a person, or a moment that was special to you and would like to keep it to preserve those memories.
  • Aesthetic value. How attractive is the piece of furniture? Does it look stylish and appealing to the eye? Does it match other furniture in your new home?
  • Dimensions. Consider that the furniture you are moving may differ from the new layout. Please compare the furniture's dimensions with the new house's layout. You should not pay for moving furniture that is too large and can't be disassembled safely.
  • Condition. What is the condition of the piece of furniture you want to move? You may be more willing to pay for the move if it is still in excellent condition and you intend to use it for many years.

What Is Cheaper, to Buy New Furniture or Move My Old Furniture?

If you are looking at the financial aspect of the decision, whether to move your furniture after moving or buy new ones, two major factors will influence your choice:

Move Distance

When deciding whether to move furniture, the distance between your two homes is more important than you think.

Local moves within a 100-mile radius are often cheaper. It makes sense to move the most beloved furniture pieces. The shorter distance will also reduce the chance of damaging your furniture because it will only travel briefly.

You should know that furniture costs are calculated according to the weight and distance between your homes when moving long distances. Moving a piece of furniture may be too expensive to justify.

Buying new furniture after moving to a new house can be more cost-effective than selling old furniture. It's not uncommon for the cost to transport old furniture hundreds of miles or even thousands of kilometers to exceed the price of buying new furniture.

Job Difficulty

Consider this: fragile furniture that is extra fragile will need professional handling and packing to ensure it survives the move. This fact alone will raise the shipping cost.

It is also important to disassemble larger, heavier pieces of furniture for a safer and easier move. This is especially true if the house you are leaving has narrow doorways, sharp corners, and stairs. You must hire professional packers if you need more experience or courage to disassemble these units. All of this means that you will end up paying more money.

You'll need to compare both expenses to find out if it is cheaper to ship the furniture or to buy new when you arrive. Direct price comparisons must be more accurate, but you can know what you'll pay to move your furniture.

How to do it:

  • Ask several moving companies to come to your house for a visual assessment and to provide written estimates of the cost of moving each piece of furniture.
  • Compare the prices for the new furniture you'll need to buy after your move by visiting the websites of national or local furniture chains.

You can put the proceeds into a new fund if you sell your furniture. This should solve the problem of moving furniture.

Moving Your Furniture Has Many Advantages

Here are some main benefits of moving furniture when you move house.

  • Your furniture movers will deliver the pieces to you. Some furniture pieces will need to be reassembled, but they'll be ready for use as soon as the furniture movers deliver them.
  • You will save time by not having to visit different furniture stores to find new furnishings for your new home. Considering the number of things you must do after moving, it's also a good idea.
  • The furniture you are used to will create a comfortable and familiar living environment in your new home. You will feel more at home in a new apartment or house surrounded by familiar things.
  • Furniture built by a trusted manufacturer like IKEA, which you trust to be high quality and durable, will remain in your home. Buying new furniture does not mean it will be better than your old one.
  • Moving furniture yourself may be cheaper than purchasing a new one. This is especially true if you are moving a short distance.

Moving Your Furniture Has Its Disadvantages

Moving furniture has its cons. Here are some of them:

  • It will take a lot of time to move furniture from your old home, disassemble it, pack it, load the truck and transport it to the new location, unpack, and reassemble them. You can hire professionals to help you, but that will cost money.
  • The packing materials you need to protect your furniture on the road will cost more.
  • You should hire furniture movers if you need help safely disassembling heavier and larger furniture.
  • Transporting furniture between A and B will incur higher costs. You may pay more for moving costs than buying new furniture nationwide.
  • You may have more problems than you want if you damage or destroy some of your furniture during the move.
  • Sell your old furniture to earn money towards your moving or post-relocation budgets.


Deciding whether to move your furniture or buy new ones after relocation mainly depends on a few key factors, such as the monetary value, sentimental Value, aesthetic Value, practicality, and condition of your furniture. The cost involved in moving or buying new furniture also plays an integral part in this decision. Regardless of your decision, the professional help of movers in Brooklyn, NY, can significantly reduce the stress involved with this process. 

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